Tuesday, July 14, 2009


emm i think there is something happen to my sister at her university. Something has change her. I dont know what. But I think it is isn't good. Well, if I got free time, I will go to her university to make a spotcheck what is going on. Sister, u better watch out.

For Mens/Boys Never,Never And Ever Let Girl Play Ur Heart And Feeling!!!

This time i want to advise for those mens/boys who looking for love. Nowadays girl like to play boys feeling.. They think they're great, aren't they? When boys play their feeling they say ' boys are playboy, boys are cheater and then cry.. cry like a baby.. FUCK OFF! Girl shouldn't exist in this world.. they only such a mess.. dont u feel ashame of ur self? play boys feeling.. u should feel grateful because there is boy willing to love u.. hey girl! u better stay in hell instead stay on this peaceful earth.!! let the fire in the hell burns ur body!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

H.J.U Still Great On My Eye..!

Hard Jump Unite is a jumpstyle group lead by Omar Abdul Aziz a.k.a abie. Join them at www.myspace.com/hardjumpunite.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Jumpstyle!

The one below is my jumpstyle teacher Patrick Jumpen.. and this is me.. but im not great and
cool like him... anyway just watch this video.. =D

My Jumpstyle Teacher..

emm, this is my jumpstyle teacher.. Patrick Jumpen, Dion and Antwann (if i not mistake).. I learn jumpstyle from their video especially from Patrick Jumpen.. His move is so cool! Join them www.myspace.com/patrickjumpen or visit their official website http://www.patrickjumpstyle.com/ for music and other stuff.

Patrick Jumpen Small Demo In Amsterdam n Holiday Video

My Sister

This is my sister.. her name is izati.. she is a sporting girl.. cute and what so ever... sister, study hard at your university.. i love u!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Aq terpengaruh dgn Jumpstyle!

aq mula terpengaruh dgn jumpstyle start awl thn 2009.. mula2 ingt nak join shuffle tp nmpak mcm x best jew.. dah la menghaus kan tapak kasut.. membazir bt0l.. kan membazir tu amalan setan.. sbnar nyew jumpstyle ni senang jew.. lebih mudah dari shuffle.. tu pada pandangn aq la kan.. pd pndangn korang aq xtaw ar..